Attain AI-led SezzWho Score, an indicator of customer satisfaction, from survey responses.
3 SezzWho Score: SezzWho provides actionable data in form of sentiment score that lets a business monitor its brand health.
3 Consolidated real-time data: SezzWho gives an overview of the trends on any day for all the communication channels of a business.
3 Multi channel sourcing: With direct integration with Facebook, Twitter and emails, SezzWho pulls text directly from multiple channels and CSV files.
3 Legacy Audit: SezzWho lets you go back in time to analyze the past marketing strategies.

SezzWho offers an easy-to-use dashboard that consolidates customer feedback and identifies their demands. It pulls real-time, unprompted and pure sentiment data from email databases, social media platforms and CSV files to deliver SezzWho Score, a customer satisfaction intelligence score. Conveniently analyze past strategies through actionable data and formulate business plans with AI-led deeper insight.
Analysing open-ended survey questions and converting it into actionable data to understand customers satisfaction level can be ambiguous. With this integration, SezzWho will do sentiment analysis of Survey Monkey’s qualitative data like open ended survey answers and provide a consolidated score. With this integration, your organisation can:
• Monitor brand health
• Attain actionable marketing data
• Have competitive advantage with AI-led insights